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    Spanish FAGOR 8037 CNC system

    CNC 8037

    Fagor Automation has been characterized in history for providing tailored solutions to their
    customers.It offers high-end products for highly demanding machines and also provides
    solutions for simpler machines with products like the CNC 8037.
    This CNC originates from the platform of the CNC 8055 but adapting its operation and features
    to the needs of simpler machines simplifying the operator’s everyday operation.

    Integral solution

    With this product, Fagor Automation continues with its philosophy of offering an integral solution for machines considering all the devices and servo systems that make up the machine in order to achieve its maximum performance while making the operator’s job easier.
    When using several suppliers, integrating all those systems to make them work reliably and in coordination becomes cumbersome and often complicated.

    Fagor Automation also offers the possibility to integrate third-party systems in combination with their products in order to provide the manufacturer flexibility when selecting the components of his machines.

    The Fagor CNC 8037 offers the user several ways to save his programs.

    CNC memory

    The units come with 1 MB of RAM memory and a 128 MB

    Compact Flash as standard for the user to save his programs.

    Remote memory

    They also offer the possibility to use the memory of a remote PC for the same purpose.

    The user can launch (run) those programs in two ways:

    ? Accessing the PC memory from the CNC and selecting the program.

    ? Remotely, using the Fagor WinDnc communication software.

    Program portability

    The operator can use the Ethernet communication ports or the RS232 serial line for exchanging programs with an external PC. A USB connector is also offered to exchange files with a pendrive.

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    Fax: +86-510 83050787 Tel: +86-510 83050687  Website: www.hlwjzl.com  E-mail: guoheng@guohengjx.com
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