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    Edge Milling Machine

    1. Introduction

    This series machine is a kind of advanced and high efficient milling equipment to prepare the groove of plate before welding instead of planing. Compared with planer, it has the advantages of saving power, low investment and high accuracy of surface finish. It is widely used in the industries as pressure vessel, boiler, ship-building, power plant, petrochemical and machinery, etc.

    There are single milling head and double milling head; and the milling head can be standard facer or molding facer for your options.


    2. Main Parameters







    Suitable plate length m






    Distance between hold-down and bed mm


    Plate thickness mm


    Milling angle °

    0°—45° (can be altered)

    Milling head model

    TX32A or TX40A

    Power and revolution of milling head

    5.5kW, 1440rpm or 7.5kW, 1440rpm

    Spindle revolution


    Milling speed m/min


    Fast forward and return speed m/min


    Hydraulic pressure Mpa


    Power supply

    AC380V, 50HZ, 3P or tailor made

    Above are our standard models and parameters, and it can be designed and manufactured on request.

    *We reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice.


    3. Main features

    The standard models of our fixed upper press-beam edge milling machines have the following features:

    *  The lower feeding speed is adjusted by inverter, meeting the requirements of any speed milling and fast feedback. The upper milling unit has function of motorized elevating, manual forwarding milling facer, manual adjusting the milling head angle; the milling facer can adjusting any position for the work piece milling, so that it can milling the straight side and 0-45° beveling (adjusted by manual).

    *  The principal axis is with great rigidity, great milling characteristics. The gear is quenched and milled treatment, with high precision, low transmission noise, whose speed is adjusted by joystick.

    *  Rail section is fixed on the lather; Rail is planed into shape with quality mild steel, and then ground finely and surface quenched which ensuring rail precision and abrasion-proof performance.

    *  In order to positioning the work piece correctly, the lather rail side has the stop rack unit, which can be pulled out manual and retracted into the lather body after the work piece clamping.

    *  It has the automatic hydraulic press jack and manual screw jack at the down position and press the work piece reliable, which can avoid the milling shaking and decrease the noise.

    *  There’s one set of work piece feeding rack at feeding side of machine.

    *  The up and down rail adopt 2-stage protection, the upper rail has whole rail protect cover.

    *  Robust all steel fabrication with stable structure and good rigidity, and no deformation after long time using;

    *  Standard facer available in any local market;

    *  Heat treatment to main welding parts after welding; sand blasting treatment to main welding parts before painting;

    *  All motion parts have lubrication system;

    *  Main electric elements are ABB/Siemens brands;

    *  Standard color:


    Option features:

    *  Movable upper press-beam edge milling machine;

    *  Taiwan E-long 7.5KW milling head available;

    *  Double milling head available with milling angle -45°—0° and 0°—45°;


    4. Reference photo

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